At Inside-Out Defense, we’re on a mission to protect organizations against access abuse, which is the number one hacker threat vector. After years of building scalable enterprise software and cybersecurity products at RSA, EMC, IBM & Microsoft, we are taking a different approach to security. We aren’t building yet another security product that slows your organization down with thousands of unnecessary alerts.
The Inside-Out Defense solution offers proactive, real-time, and automated intervention against access abuse hacking. In addition, Inside-Out Defense holistically addresses deficiencies in access and privilege management, solving a critical set of problems for security teams. Our solution automates the management & maintenance of access rights across an organization and includes advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities. These tools within the Inside-Out Defense solution enable security teams to save thousands of man-hours preparing for and addressing the results of labor-intensive security audits.
Effectively managing an organization’s access entitlements without an automated solution is time-consuming and error-prone, leaving the door open to hackers. This is why access abuse is the number one threat vector for hackers. Inside-Out Defense’s proactive, real-time, and automated hacking intervention solution is built around an access governance platform built for Continuous Validation of Trust. We make it possible to closely monitor and manage access privileges in real-time across all of your environments including cloud, hybrid, and legacy deployments.
Founding Team
We rely on an amazing team with a huge background in this market...
Venkat Thummisi
I have held leadership positions in EMC, RSA, & Schneider. While at EMC, I Incubated and built Data center & Cloud Products which have a market footprint of $2+ billion.

I was the chief architect of the security product portfolio at RSA and Schneider. I earned my Master's degrees in systems design from MIT, Cambridge MA, and computer science from Illinois.

I'm also an avid farmer with diverse interests in growing specialty fruits and vegetables
Ravi Srivatsav
Most recently I was at Bain & Company as a Partner, lead multiple enterprise transformations also serving internally as their Chief Product & Technology Officer incubating new digital technologies.

I’ve served as the Chief Product & Business officer at NTT’s flagship global research working on SDWAN, cyber threat intelligence and cloud products.

I enjoy cooking for my family & friends with my collection of vintage cookware and playing fetch with my pet Mira, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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