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Users can connect to one or more of their AWS, Azure and Atlassian Jira environments and discover their user catalog - users and their footprint across all the connected environments
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Is there a need for providing credit card information to start the trial?

No, you may fill out thefree trial request and we will send you the instructions for the freetrial

Does Inside-Out Defensestore my data?

Inside-Out Defense will purge all the customer data after processing. Customers also have the option of purging data upon the completion of the trial

How secure is my data shared with Inside-Out Defense

We have multi-layered security and controls in place to ensure that customer's data is encrypted and safe

Apart from the environments listed, what if I have other applications to try?

The trial version is to demonstrate the value and the possibilities of the product, Inside-Out Defense will work with you to support all your environments after the free trial

Other questions?

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