Use Cases
User Catalog
A comprehensive catalog capturing every users (human and non-human) footprint & access behaviors across multiple environments (cloud saas and legacy). Thereby enabling the organizations to comprehend the context behind every access.
User Right Sizing
Track and enforce right entitlements to every user at all times.
User Decommissioning (JML)
Remove residual/hidden footprint of users who have left or moved within the organization.
Prevent Data Access Abuse in Organizations
Track & remediate sensitive data access & their abuse in realtime.
Preventing Privilege Misuse & Abusive Access Requests in its Tracks
Track and remediate users’ malicious access behaviors in realtime.
Overarching access policy guardrails
A seamless one-click button to define and track access policy guardrails across organization's footprint.
Forensic Audit Logs
Provides a real-time forensic intelligence and audit logs to track and analyze malicious user access behaviors.
Seamless Connectors
Inside-Out Defense provides out-of-the-box non-intrusive connectors to all major infrastructure & applications
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Users can connect to one or more of their AWS, Azure and Atlassian Jira environments and discover their user catalog - users and their footprint across all the connected environments